We are very thankful to all who entrusted us with their dental history possessions: member dentists, their families, the dental industry and members of the public. 

The ADAQ Dental History Committee will consider donations of objects, documents and artwork related to the history of dentistry and the dental profession in Queensland and Australia. 

We collect a variety of items and documents, including posters, books, videos, old dentures and other prosthetic appliances, oral hygiene kits, dental treatment kits, surgery equipment. 
Do you have an item you would like to donate to the ADAQ? Contact details below.


Would you like to get involved directly with caring for ADAQ archives and museum collections? Please do! 

The Committee always needs volunteers to assist with collection care, cataloguing and gathering historical information relating to the dental profession in Queensland and Australia. 

Volunteering doesn’t require any specific skills, although we will make use of any special ones you have! Tasks will be tailored to the individual, and may include cataloguing archival documents, cleaning and moving items, researching the history of an item, or developing our displays. 

Everyone is welcome: seniors to students. Volunteering is always a rewarding experience: develop new skills or perhaps explore new research opportunities.

Best of all, you will have played a part in preserving the history of dentistry in Queensland and the creation of a brand-new museum!

Even a couple of hours will help us immensely. 

Have a story to tell?

Memories. Good and bad. We would love to hear all about your dental treatment experiences in Queensland, as dentist, assistant, or patient. 

Dental professionals: do you have any recollections of working or studying dentistry long ago? Do you have any pictures you would like to share with us? Anything you miss having, or doing?

Patients: what was it like to care for your oral health in the olden days? How has it affected your relationship with the dentist today?

The Committee is interested in collecting testimonies of how 20th century dentistry evolved. If you are ready to share your recollections, please let us know!

Get in touch

Call 07 3252 9866 or email: [email protected]