Member Advisory & Support

Member advisory support video

Watch this short video to hear about the Member Advisory & Support team and how they can support YOU in your profession.

Member Advisory & Support

The Member Advisory & Support (MASS) team can assist members with the following:

  1. ADAQ QBE insurance claims
  2. Notifications from the Office of the Health Ombudsman
  3. Notifications from AHPRA
  4. Health Fund Audits
  5. Patient complaints
  6. General advice on issues such as record keeping, consent process, item numbers.

Our dedicated team consists of legal and health professionals who are available five days a week to respond to your enquiries, as well as a peer panel of six general dentists and four specialists.

In a complaint where there is a complex clinical picture, on your request the MASS team can organise a confidential peer review of the patient’s clinical records and provide you with a detailed comment on the clinical issues. This process coupled with the legal expertise in the team, assists members to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the situation.

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Complaints statistics

The Dental Board published the following statistics for complaints in the 2018-19 period:

  1. There was a 14.3% increase in notifications.
  2. Dentists have one of the highest rates of notifications when compared to other regulated health professions.
  3. 4.2% of dentists received a notification.
  4. This is high when compared to the national average of 1.7% of all registered practitioners.
  5. The rate is even higher for dentists in QLD, with 6% of dentists in the state receiving a notification.

With these statistics in mind, having a dedicated team to assist with all aspects of complaints management is an important value-add to your membership.