Study Clubs

ADAQ is proud to support the following affiliated Study Clubs. Please see the ADAQ Guidelines for Affiliated Study Clubs.

Joining a Study Club is a great way to stay engaged in the profession and keep up with the latest developments, while socialising with a group of peers. 

Australian Association of Laser Dentistry

Contact: Prof Laurie Walsh or Dr David Cox

The aim of the AALD is to provide a forum to discuss clinical aspects of Laser Dentistry in a non-aligned, non-partisan manner, so that all can benefit from the experience of others. The group meets approximately four times per year and is open to new members. To find out more information please visit the AALD website or Facebook page.

Amara Study Group

This is a study club exclusively for women dentists.

Amara Study Group: Gold Coast

This is a new study club exclusively for women dentists in the Gold Coast region. The study club meet 4 times per year and hold a High Tea social event.
Contact: Amara Gold Coast

Bennett Movement Study Club

Contact: Dr Richard Grant-Thomson

Bennett Movement is a small low key study group of about 10 members and 10 casual members (regular guests) made up of both GDPs and SDPs. The Movement formed in 2000 and the experience of practitioners ranges from 8 to 20 years, however, the Movement is not exclusive and we are open to all comers. They meet monthly throughout the year at a local restaurant (no meetings in December and January).

Cadmus Society Study Club

Contact: Dr Richard Huynh

Cadmus Society celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2012 and continues to have a committed membership of general dentists and specialists. The Society meets in the evening on the first Tuesday of every month at ADAQ Christensen House, Bowen Hills.

Carabelli Study Club

Contact: Dr Brett Phillips 

Dental Book Club Study Group

Contact: Dr Norah Ayad & Dr David Le

This study club meets 3-4 times per year. It is comprised of graduates from the University of Queensland Class of 2012 and offers guest membership to any dental professionals. The fundamental aim of the group is to create a forum for discussion of clinical and professional issues relating to practice in an atmosphere of collegiality, peer mentoring and social gathering.

Dental Study Club of Brisbane

Contact: Dr Jennifer Wu

This is the first Dental Study Club founded in Australia and has limited membership. Brisbane metro and country members meet on the third Tuesday of the month in locations such as The Brisbane Polo Club and Hope Island Golf Club. The Club hosts an annual 3-day Scientific Weekend and follows the ethos of further dental education.

Fusion Study Club

Contact: Dr James Carrigy

Fusion Study Club meets for 7 scientific meetings per year at the ADAQ function centre. Fusion aims to foster both continuing education and professional networking. Most members are general dentists, but Fusion also includes many specialists, prosthetists, therapists, hygienists and industry reps. We can have limited spaces so please contact us if you are interested in attending as a “guest” before joining.

Infusion Study Group

Contact: Dr Esther Cheng

Pogonion Dental Study Club

Contact: Dr Laura Barbagallo

Southside Dental Study Club

Contact: Dr Lachlan Crowther

Synergy Study Club

Contact: Dr Julian Dantes

Synergy Study Club is a Sunshine Coast based study club that meets bimonthly in person on a Monday evening for a meal and scientific presentation by a guest lecturer.

Vardiman Dental Study Club

Contact: Dr Megan Tucker

Vardiman Dental Study Club is a long-standing Brisbane-based Study Club comprising a mix of both general dentists and dental specialists. The Club meets for seven meetings in a calendar year on the second Tuesday of the designated months (usually February, March, May, June, July, October and November) at various restaurant locations throughout Brisbane. We also hold one Social Event a year. Lecturers are invited from various areas of expertise to present to the Club for one hour. Our Club capacity is currently around 50 active members.

Apply to be an ADAQ-affiliated Study Club

Before you start, please read the ADAQ Guidelines for Affiliated Study Clubs carefully.