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The Compliance and Advisory Services Team consists of clinical and compliance professionals who understand your profession.

You’ve Graduated – 
Let’s Talk About Insurance

Your training wheels are officially off. As an Ahpra registered dental practitioner you are now required to have Professional Indemnity (PI) Insurance. But what does that mean?


What happens when things go wrong – ADAQ Compliance and Advice: How ADAQ can help you

The members of the ADAQ Compliance and Advisory Services team have legal, clinical, and complaints management experience to support you in your profession.

/images/Insurance/Photos/Boundaries.jpg Breach of professional boundaries

Insurance Case Study

Breach of professional boundaries


ADAQ Staff

In NSW, a practitioner commenced a short term sexual relationship with a patient. The relationship was active during and beyond the course of the dental treatment. The patient subsequently made a complaint to the Health Care Complaints Commission.

/images/Insurance/Photos/Case%20Study%203.jpg Breach of the Infection Control Guidelines

Insurance Case Study

Breach of the Infection Control Guidelines


ADAQ Staff

One area where a complaint or notification may be made about you is the area of infection control. This may include an investigation by the Department of Health and then a referral to OHO for investigation.

/images/Insurance/Photos/7.2%20Incident%20Notification.jpg HCCC v Coutinho [2020] NSWCATOD 33

Insurance Case Study

HCCC v Coutinho [2020] NSWCATOD 33


ADAQ Staff

The Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NSW) (Tribunal) delivered a disciplinary order to suspend a dental practitioner’s registration after the practitioner failed to report two criminal findings that it was subject to, to the National Board.