Negative reviews

Learn how to navigate and handle negative reviews effectively (especially unwarranted ones), with advice and information from the ADAQ Compliance and Advisory Services Team. 

Regulatory complaints assistance

Respond to Ahpra and OHO notifications with confidence. Our team know the ins and outs of the often-stressful process of responding to a complaint. So, rest assured, you’re in good hands.

Health fund advice

Dealing with health funds can be a complicated and arduous process as every health fund has different terms and conditions. We can help you simplify complex health fund claim disputes, audits, and provider applications.

Advertising compliance

Protect your practice’s reputation by keeping your advertising materials compliant with Ahpra guidelines and TGA code. Both Ahpra and the TGA can take action against health care professionals who are non-compliant in their advertising.

Receive practical, straightforward advice on how to rectify issues with your current advertising, as well as any potential non-compliance matters.

HR information

Make sense of complex employment relationships, contractor agreements and corporate practice arrangements. The team can assist you to understand the terms of your employment arrangement and also for practice owners, how the different types of employment arrangements impact your business and your HR legal rights and responsibilities. Please refer to ADA HR Hub for employment and contract document advice.

General advice on issues such as record keeping, consent process, item numbers.

If you want to avoid a complaint escalating, it starts with communication, excellent record keeping and a rigorous process for obtaining informed consent.

Receive general advice, review and education on the best way to communicate with your patients, record keeping, the consent process and the appropriate use of item numbers.

Document Review Service

Understand complex legal terms and conditions of a proposed document or contract. Please refer to ADA HR Hub for employment and contract document advice. 

We can review:

  • Consent forms
  • Record request forms
  • Policies, including privacy policies