ADAQ President's Update - January 2021
Tuesday, 19 January 2021
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While the lockdown restrictions have been lifted now, that staff and patients in waiting rooms and reception areas need to wear masks if they cannot socially distance. These restrictions will be re-evaluated on Friday 22nd January and further advice will be available after that. It is important to ensure that all your patients are screened for symptoms and possible exposure to COVID-19 before they present to your practice.

Times of practice restriction or lockdown provide an excellent opportunity to catch up and make sure you are up to date with your CPD. Dental registration currently obliges you to undertake and record at least 60 hours of CPD activity in each three-year cycle, of which 80% (48 hours) must be clinically or scientifically based. ADAQ provides numerous resources to enable you to complete these mandatory CPD requirements.

Download the 2021 CPD Course Guide from the ADAQ Website to see what’s available both in-person and on-line. We also provide numerous on-line video resources through our Video Library, many of which are free. This is a great member benefit which allows you to build your CPD hours in any down-time you have.

I would also like to remind you that ADAQ provides the best available training for your dental assistants. The coursework is designed by leading practicing dental professionals, with flexible training options to allow trainees to decide how and where they study. All the course materials are provided on-line, and ADAQ comes to your practice to complete workplace assessments. You can access details from the ADAQ Training section of the Website.

Dentists are considered essential health workers, and thanks in part to ADA advocacy, we and our staff should be among the first to receive the COVID-19 vaccine when it is approved by the TGA. When this happens, it will be important to let your patients know that practice staff have been vaccinated, as well as encourage them to get vaccinated as well.

Every vaccinated person contributes to a safer Community and a greater likelihood that we can return – as soon as possible - to whatever will pass for “normal.”

Until then stay safe and stay well, from all of us at ADAQ!
Alexander S. Forrest
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ADAQ President's Update - January 2021
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